Two-year assistance programme for seven African film & TV training organisations

Two-year assistance programme for seven African film & TV training organisations

February 17, 2014

On 17 February 2014, the first training session in the Images d'Afrique Formation (Images of Africa – Training) project was held in Ouagadougou.

Its goal was to improve the practical and theoretical education provided at seven African-based film & TV training organisations by enhancing the capabilities of their teaching staff.

Run by CFI in close collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, this project is a response to loud demands from a variety of training organisations.
These institutions share the aim of producing a new generation of better-trained African professionals ahead of the arrival next year of Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT), which is expected to stimulate a substantial rise in demand for African-made video output.

Assisting seven institutions over a two-year period

The €600,000 support programme will last 24 months and enable joint training activities to be carried out. This will contribute towards raising professional standards and strengthening the film & TV industry in each of the countries concerned.

The seven beneficiary organisations are:
- National Film and Television Institute ( NAFTI), Ghana
- Institut Supérieur de l'Image et du Son ( ISIS), Burkina Faso
- Institut de Formation aux Techniques de l'Image et de la Communication ( IFTIC), Niger
- The School of Motion Picture Medium and Live Performance ( AFDA), Afrique du Sud
- Institut international de perfectionnement et de formation continue ( IMAGINE), Burkina Faso
- Blue Nile Film and Television Academy ( BNFTA), Éthiopie
- Institut Supérieur de Formation aux métiers du Cinéma et de l'Audiovisuel ( ISCAC), Cameroun