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To improve local news coverage in order to enhance treatment of the main issues of concern to Haiti’s provincial population.
To consolidate the role of Haiti’s media in the citizen-led control of public initiatives.
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June 2018
May 2021


Little more than one year after the election of Jovenel Moïse as President of the Republic of Haiti, social tension in the country is still very keenly felt. In September 2017, high-profile movements within society marked the advent of the new finance law by calling the President's management approach into question.

In this problematic situation, media platforms, of which there are many across Haiti, are hard put to produce credible, high-quality news output. Radio stations, the primary media in Haiti, do not always have the resources to address local news, thereby resulting in a lack of credibility amongst listeners. The population at large, however, is keen to have the opportunity to support the media and civil society organisations (CSOs) in passing on their concerns and putting pressure on the authorities and decision-makers.

Info Toupatou aims to reach out to the provinces where news and information are concerned, to consolidate the role of the media in citizen-led control of public initiatives, to make local radio stations more viable and to enhance local continuous-learning capacities. It is just one of the CFI-led projects in Africa in the field of citizen-led control of public initiatives.
In 2018, CFI will be launching the first phase of this project, subject to receiving funding for the other three.

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Info Toupatou(PDF - 1.38 MB)

Project beneficiaries

  • Local radio stations (16 in the provinces and Port-au-Prince)
  • Four print or online media outlets
  • Twelve CSO and NGO representatives working to ensure better accountability in target regions
  • Representatives from organisations for women and young people

Project manager


1.To improve the way in which the media in the regions and in the capital address the main issues of concern to Haiti’s people as a whole

Training for a small group of media platforms keen to commit to this approach (radio stations and print media, online outlets or TV): improver sessions on the basics of journalism and treatment of local news, improvement of journalists' French-language skills, and help with the production of broadcasts in synergy.

Info Toupatou is helping France strengthen the media in Haiti

June 5, 2018

Info Toupatou is a new project in support of the Haitian media that aims, in particular, to build on the capabilities of local players, with a view to offering greater representation to the provinces in terms of how news is handled in Haiti.

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Haiti: making local news a priority

September 26, 2018

Between 17 and 29 September 2018, eight radio journalists got together in Jacmel, the capital of the Sud-Est department of Haiti, to produce reports on local issues.

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2.To consolidate the role of the media in the citizen-led control of public initiatives

Sessions of reflection, cooperation and consolidation of knowledge about the citizen-led control of public initiatives.
Improver workshops in the production of educational content for citizens and on citizen-led control of public initiatives, improvement of journalists' investigatory skills, and an introduction to data journalism.
"Best enquiry" competition.

Covering local news in Haiti

February 3, 2019

In January, eight new journalists from radio broadcasters benefiting from the Info Toupatou project, for the broadening of access to news in Haiti, took part in a workshop to support the production of local news reports.

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3.To strengthen media governance and viability

Improver sessions in management and marketing, community mobilisation and team management for local radio stations.
In situ diagnostics and coaching cycle for each radio station involved in the project.
Remote mentoring of coaching and development plans.

Strengthening the economic viability of Haitian radio stations

September 25, 2019

From 9 to 19 September 2019, eleven Haitian radio station managers received training in how to manage the finances and marketing of a radio station. This session marks the beginning of a series of training events designed to help improve the technical and economic viability of media outlets, as well as their managers' managerial skills.

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4.To strengthen local continuous-learning capacities

The creation of durable continuous-learning structures for radio station professionals.

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