Digital Readings

Digital Readings


Structuring Lebanon’s French-language media offering so that each age group can access adapted content.
Supporting its development online and on social media.
Supporting Lebanon’s French-language media in developing their audiences and creating new offerings.
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Project timeline

June 2017
May 2019


Just like their Arab-language counterparts, the French-language media in Lebanon are currently facing significant financial problems and an ageing readership. Nevertheless, the French-language press is highly valued by many in Lebanon who retain an attachment towards France and the French language. It has always been seen as a bastion of freedom, promoting the values of tolerance and openness towards others.

Launched in 2016, the Digital East project was already a measure aimed at supporting two of Lebanon's French-language titles (L'Orient-Le Jour and Magazine), helping them to adapt to the evolution of their environment. "Digital Readings" is designed to support a number of media outlets in Lebanon, which were selected after a call for applications, in structuring and modernizing their offering with a view to expanding their audience.

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Digital Readings(PDF - 351.83 KB)

Project beneficiaries

Lebanon's French-language press.

Project manager

1.Call for applications

To select the recipient French-language media in Lebanon.

2.Seminars and strategic mentoring

  • Three working seminars (two in Lebanon, one in Paris), aimed at promoting synergy amongst Lebanon's French-language media.
  • Strategic mentoring of the media to develop their French-language offering.
  • An HR study focusing on the training, remuneration and recruitment of French-speaking journalists in Lebanon.
  • Creation of a mini-website supported by a database of French-speaking Lebanese contributors/journalists that can be accessed by the recipient media.

3.Group technical training courses and coaching for each media outlet

  • Group training courses for teams focusing on photo, video, graphic (data visualisation) techniques and on developing an offering outside of standard media outlets (locations, partnerships, events).
  • Focusing on the development of websites and apps, the challenge of interacting with the public, a participatory offering, marketing issues, monetisation of offerings and income development.