In Armenia, journalism teachers are training in digital skills

January 17, 2020

In late December, nine teachers from the Yerevan Faculty of Journalism attended a training the trainers course focusing on online journalism.

In order to make the courses provided to students, the future Armenian journalists and media entrepreneurs, more relevant to the context and challenges faced by professionals, CFI provided two sessions for nine teachers, at the request of the Dean of the Yerevan Faculty of Journalism.

Managed by David Servenay (ESJ Pro Montpellier), the sessions started with an assessment of their knowledge on how the internet is used to access information and the use of social networks in Armenia. The trainer then provided an overview of the uses and new models of online media and explored avenues for the integration of digital skills in journalism education, through workshops with the nine attendees. The two sessions ended with an introduction to e-learning, making it possible to envisage the development of teaching using a remote platform.

A training certificate award ceremony was held on 20 December 2019 at the French Embassy in Armenia.