A blog and a Facebook page for providing humanitarian information in Yemen

June 5, 2019

The content, published by Yemeni journalists, favours reports and testimonies, to reflect the everyday difficulties encountered by people affected by the conflict in Yemen and remedy the lack of information on humanitarian aid.

Providing information on the fate of displaced persons, criticising the excess burden placed on medical centres, highlighting NGO initiatives… For several months, around a hundred Yemeni journalists, from different regions and representing different types of media outlet, have been recounting the humanitarian disaster currently afflicting their country, by producing reports in Arabic on a dedicated blog and Facebook page.

In doing so, they rely on different sources (testimonies of victims and their relatives, interviews with officials or humanitarian workers) in order to offer a real diversity of perspectives. They aim not just to provide people with information, but also to alert NGOs and public authorities to the needs of the most remote areas not receiving humanitarian aid.

The journalist Fouad Al-Rozigy, through a report on the plight of an elderly person hospitalised with kidney failure in the governorate of Hajjah, criticises the lack of resources available to hospital staff in the region to care for their patients. Aaron Mohammed gives his account of the extremely precarious position of many displaced persons, who are quite often forced to sell the food distributed by humanitarian aid organisations in order to buy medicine.

With YMER project, CFI has committed itself with Yemeni journalists, media and NGOs to facilitate access to a reliable humanitarian information in Yemen. Often the result of lengthy investigation work, the content provides the entire Yemeni population with reliable and professional information.