Call for tenders to support projects between journalism schools on both sides of the Mediterranean

Call for tenders to support projects between journalism schools on both sides of the Mediterranean

April 18, 2019

As part of the Medialab Campus initiative, which falls under the scope of the French language and multilingualism plan, a call for projects has been launched to provide journalism schools in eight Mediterranean and European countries with an opportunity to learn how to understand each other and work together.

Are you a student or teacher at a journalism school? Would you like to set up a project with a partner school on the other side of the Mediterranean and establish lasting ties in a spirit of mutual sharing?
Apply to Medialab Campus for support in bringing your project to fruition!

Medialab Campus wants to support projects initiated by journalism schools on both sides of the Mediterranean, aimed at students and/or teachers. Projects relating to galvanising topics, such as the environment, democracy, youth, gender equality or even local news will be assessed.

At the end of this call, six innovative projects will be selected for 2019. A second call will take place in December 2019 for projects taking place in 2020.

The approach

Medialab Campus will offer the following for the selected projects:

  • Financial backing of €10,000 to €15,000 for a project being carried out in 2019;
  • Guidance for the leaders of the selected projects;
  • Networking with other journalism schools on both sides of the Mediterranean.

The supported projects

Les projets soutenus par The projects supported by Medialab Campus must facilitate exchanges, partnerships and mobility between students and/or teachers at journalism schools. These projects must help create ties between students, promote educational exchanges between teachers and facilitate the organisation and monitoring of production activities out in the field, such as the coverage of an event by students from multiple schools with productions values, joint investigations, bi-national writing between schools, exchanges between students, trainer training, etc.

The beneficiaries

Medialab Campus is targeting students and teachers at journalism schools who wish to forge lasting ties with schools on the other side of the Mediterranean. The schools or associations must be based in one of the following countries: Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq or any of the countries in the European Union.

The schedule

  • Publication of the call for projects: Tuesday, 16 April 2019;
  • Deadline for receipt of applications on the online platform: Sunday, 12 May 2019, 20:00 GMT;
  • Notification of the list of selected projects: mid-May 2019.


This project is part of the "International Strategy for the French Language and Multilingualism".