Civil war, foreign interference and Covid-19...

June 25, 2020

Civil war, foreign interference and Covid-19...

Mired in a fratricidal conflict, Libya is now the new playground of foreign powers.
The Covid-19 epidemic makes it even more difficult for journalists to have regular access to the field and their sources. In this context, how can we continue to inform while the internationalization of the conflict could lead to direct consequences in the region ?
How can we relate and share the complexity of this topic and make sure than our journalistic coverage is as objective as possible?

Join the conversation on Thursday, 25th of June with the Libyan journalist Heba Alshibani and the Libyan analyst Mohamed Eljarh:

  • 5pm in Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco
  • 6pm in Libya and Egypt
  • 7pm in Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine, Syria, and Yemen

Heba Alshibani, Libyan journalist and producer who worked in several Libyan and international media organisations. She is co-author of the book : Our Women on the Ground: Reporting from the Arab World.

Mohamed Eljarh, Libyan affairs analyst and researcher, who worked for Atlantic Council and Foreign Policy Magazine and published many articles and reports on Libya's affairs since 2011.

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