Le ministère de l'Europe et des Affaires étrangères signe un contrat d'objectifs ambitieux pour CFI, l'agence française d'aide au développement médias

The French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs signs an ambitious contract of objectives for CFI, the French media development agency

December 18, 2018

Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne, Secretary of State for the French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs, and Marc Fonbaustier, Chairman of the Management Board of CFI, signed a contract of objectives for three years (2018-2020) in the presence of Marie-Christine Saragosse, CEO de France Médias Monde.

Since 2009, CFI has been supporting the development of the media in the countries of the South, in particular in sub-Saharan Africa, the Mediterranean and the Levant. A subsidiary of the France Médias Monde group (RFI, France24, Monte-Carlo Doualya) and an operator of the French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs, the agency now has a bolstered position in terms of its status, mission and tasks.

The contract of objectives signed on Thursday, 13 December makes provision for CFI initiatives focusing on priorities that relate to, in particular, young people, digital technology, sustainable development, gender equality and the global francophone community, in the priority regions of our external action.
It aims to optimise the impact of the strengthened ties with the France Médias Monde group, which were established in 2017, in terms of streamlining activities.
It also mandates CFI to build partnerships and engage in joint initiatives with the other public and private players, with a view to promoting media development.

An agency committed to supporting the production of fair and balanced news

The agency first of all identifies and analyses what is required, and then works tirelessly alongside media organisations and the professionals who run them, together with members of civil society, all of whom are committed to pluralistic, reliable and democratic information. Each year, CFI undertakes between 25 and 30 projects that work with local media to broaden, deepen and give credibility to the space for information and debate, particularly in regions that are fragile or exposed to conflict, political destabilisation and pandemics.
It therefore strengthens, on a permanent basis, their ability to guard against “fake news” and to report news more effectively. With these initiatives, the agency is making an indirect contribution to the fight against the manipulation of information.

CFI’s activity each year:

  • 3 360 expertise transfer days
  • 2 400 media professionals trained
  • 180 field missions
  • 10 K€ spent on expertise activities