Managing a community radio station in Benin

June 19, 2019

From 21 to 31 May 2019, eight community radio managers will be trained in business and marketing management of a radio station in Bohicon (Benin).

The local radio stations form part of a very influential media channel in the Beninese communities. To continue to fulfil their public service mission, these radio channels must become more sustainable and financially independent. Thanks to this workshop, the managers honed their managerial skills that are essential for managing a community radio station. Over the course of ten days, the participants from Abomey, Adjohun, Allada, Bantè, Bassila, Grand Popo, Kétou and Kouandé, eight community partners of the Programme to Support Decentralisation and Communal Development (PDDC) set up by GIZ,set up by GIZ, have been trained, in particular, to adapt their programme schedules according to the means and objectives of the station.

This session was organised as part of the Benin Citizens' Dialogue 2, programme, a project jointly financed by the German partnership and CFI within the PDDC framework.
CFI will ensure this training is monitored at the radio stations through in situ coaching missions.