“Open Government”: publication of a guide to good practice

May 23, 2019

As part of the #PAGOF project, financed by the French Development Agency (AFD), CFI and Expertise France are providing a guide to good practice and success stories in French-speaking Africa based on the presentations, discussions and insights from the first regional seminar.

During this meeting, which was held in Tunis in November 2018, almost 180 participants, representing governments and civil society organisations from fifteen different countries, spent two days discussing five topics associated with open government: facilitating the free flow of ideas via the right to access information; facing the challenges posed by transparency and financial governance; new frameworks for the participation of citizens; advocacy for the open government, seeking allies and winning them over; and combining innovation to increase capacity and mobilise ecosystems.

This seminar gave rise to a number of discussions and presentations of experiences and tools relating to open government that can be supplemented and replicated in French-speaking African countries. The guide has been drawn up on the basis of those discussions.

It provides a concise explanation of each of the subjects broached, together with the eligibility criteria set by the Open Government Partnership (PGO). Factsheets provide a summary of the tools and experiences presented during the seminar. Links and thematic resources (documents, manuals, guides, websites) are also provided at the end of the document. Born of the need and desire to share French-language information concerning tools and success stories in Africa on the subject of open government and the process of joining the OGP, this guide meets several of the objectives of the #PAGOF project:

  • To highlight and share, at regional level, good practices and success stories concerning open government in countries that are already members of the OGP and those wishing to join;
  • To build momentum and create a ripple effect within French-speaking African countries with regard to the OGP and open government and in particular to help them to meet the criteria for membership of the OGP;
  • To establish a network of open government practitioners from civil society and the governments of French-speaking African countries, united by their knowledge and a desire for reform.

The second regional seminar for the project will be held in Abidjan during the course of 2019.

Download the PAGOF guide