Strengthening the economic viability of Haitian radio stations

September 25, 2019

From 9 to 19 September 2019, eleven Haitian radio station managers received training in how to manage the finances and marketing of a radio station. This session marks the beginning of a series of training events designed to help improve the technical and economic viability of media outlets, as well as their managers' managerial skills.

The event was held at BANJ, an entrepreneurial ecosystem and co-working space in the commune of Delmas in Port-au-Prince, where CFI convened the heads of the radio stations benefiting from the Info Toupatou project. Led by Sahadou Zato Ali, a media coach and consultant, the main aim of the session was to provide them with the tools needed to manage their media outlet more efficiently with a view to improving both the effectiveness of their radio station and the working conditions of their journalists.

By identifying "I now have a more cross-cutting perspective on how my station operates."the appropriate financial levers (including commercial and community marketing and looking for local partnerships and financing) and accounting management tools, they will now be in a position to increase the economic viability of their station, sell it to advertisers and adapt their internal procedures to the running of their outlet.

They also received training in the fundamentals of management and compliance with the rules of journalism ethics, the aim being to encourage a more professional approach on editorial boards.

"Sahadou gave us the techniques we need to prepare a programme, target advertisers and attract listeners. Now, I can go to organisations and sell them a concept or a production of programmes in a more professional manner"
Jacques Jean Pierre, Head of Radio Télé Express (Jacmel)