Women’s Forum: 8 Palestinian bloggers in Deauville to cover the event

Women’s Forum: 8 Palestinian bloggers in Deauville to cover the event

October 9, 2012

CFI has arranged for 8 bloggers from the West Bank and the Gaza strip to the 8th edition of the Women’s Forum (10 to 12 October in Deauville, France), to help them cover this international event.

These Palestinian women all contribute to the Palestinian blog, Annathra.com, relating women's day-to-day experiences in the Palestinian Territories. Enjoying CFI support since its inception in 2009, the blog was launched by a local NGO, TAM, which supports the development and empowerment of women working in the media in the Palestinian Territories.

CFI's aim is to help them improve their techniques in the use of social networks and journalism. The purpose at the Women's Forum is to produce top-rate subjects for publication on their blog.

"The Women's forum has become an event influential women at national and international levels can no longer afford to miss. The work produced by these women on their blog is fully in keeping with the spirit of the event and it was obvious to us that we should step up our support for the occasion," declared Etienne Fiatte, Managing Director at CFI.

To achieve this, CFI shouldered the logistics for the bloggers' training programme ahead of the Women's Forum (5 to 8 October), led by CFI experts and reputed journalists. They will for example explore the choice of angles and find out about shooting and editing techniques.

This CFI initiative is in keeping with the operator's philosophy, supporting the media in many southern countries, with the aim of improving their know-how and expert knowledge. Support for the blog Annathra.com also contributes to a dynamic of utmost importance to CFI, that of 2.0 media development throughout the world, as illustrated by the 4M programme.