Contribute to citizen-led involvement in society and young people’s autonomy in 9 countries in the Arab world by the use of online media.
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February 2018
January 2022


Focused studies in the Arab world show that young people want to play a more active role in the media. They are turning increasingly to social and online media, which offer them greater opportunities for interaction and content publication.

D-Jil aims at providing young people in the Arab world enhanced access to information, a broader grounding in media topics and increased political and citizen-led involvement in society. D-Jil is run by a consortium of partners with the following members: Samir Kassir Foundation (Liban), IREX Europe (France), FMAS (Morocco) et Leaders of Tomorrow (Jordan) and is co-funded by the European Union.

D-Jil is designed for those developing digital news content of interest to young people (particularly young women) and those wishing to enhance their skills by consolidating their working methods, enriching their content and providing new technical skills.

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Project beneficiaries

- Applicants developing digital news content (bloggers' or citizen-journalist groups, online radio stations, online media, information platforms, etc.)
- Traditional private media making the transition to digital (radio and TV stations, printed media, press agencies, etc.)
- Associations and NGOs already active in the promotion of the media, cultural centres, or civil-society organisations keen to develop a higher online profile, all targeting young people.

Project manager

1."Exchange" of good practices

Exchange of good practices for online programmes and interactive tools are fostered at regional level between the beneficiaries particularly through the organisation of a conference dedicated to media and young people.

D-Jil Hackathon: a first weekend of competition

July 16, 2018

16 projects embodying the digital revolution in the Arab world have been competing in Casablanca.

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2."Engage" media and civil society

Ten projects that will bring together media and civil society, provide young people with enhanced access to information, a broader grounding in media topics, and increased political and citizen-led involvement in society are selected and financed. Seven education workshops on media are organised for young people that are involved in citizen-led plattforms.

3."Realize" the selection and the funding of 10 innovative online projects

Ten Innovative online programmes/platforms/ reflecting the challenges of real interest to young people (individual freedoms, equality, religion, health, sport, and culture) in different languagues (in Arabic, Arabic dialects, Berber languages, French and English) are selected, financed and coached throughout the project.

D-Jil: 30 projects pre-selected from 250 applications

June 29, 2018

250 candidates responded to the first "D-Jil" call for projects. From these, 30 projects were pre-selected by a panel made up of representatives of D-Jil's partners, including: CFI (France), Skeyes (Lebanon), Irex-Europe (France) and FMAS (Morocco).

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The 10 winners of the D-Jil project

July 27, 2018

At the end of the two hackathons, a panel of experts and young people drawn from the Mediterranean region selected the 10 projects to be awarded a grants to aid their development:

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4."Collect" the needs of young public

The needs of young people in the above mentioned countries are collected through audience feedback and studies issued from financed programmes. They are taken into account for the developement of innovative projects.

Call for projects: D-Jil : Innovate and create online media content for young people

April 4, 2018

Webtv, webradio, YouTube Channels, innovative online programmes…You have a project that aims at giving a voice to young people in the Arab world and would like to take to another level? Apply for D-Jil and benefit from support to produce online media content for the new generation!

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