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To enhance and diversify journalism training with the aim of adapting it to the changing landscape through a range of mobility, exchange and partnership initiatives between journalism schools.
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April 2019
March 2021


At the first edition of the Journalism Convention held in Tunis, in November 2018, over 500 speakers and delegates from the Arab world, Africa and Europe attended the workshops, debates and conferences on offer.

Since the Tunis event, partnerships on both sides of the Mediterranean have taken shape. A number of journalism schools in Europe and around the Mediterranean have been keen to launch projects involving their students and teaching staff. Supporting such initiatives is vital because future journalists have a key role to play in promoting dialogue and easing tensions in their countries of origin.

The MediaLab Campus project contributes to developing student and teacher exchanges between schools through partnerships that are both rich in meaning and conducive to great experiences. By supporting bilateral and multilateral initiatives, it promotes the development of links between students, encourages educational exchanges and supports the organisation of content production activities on the ground
The project falls within the scope of the “international strategy for the French language and multilingualism".

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Project beneficiaries

  • Students at partner journalism schools
  • Teachers and contributors at partner journalism schools

Project manager

1.Assessment of opportunities and needs of schools

Organisation of a meeting with journalism schools from France, Belgium, Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria, Jordan, Iraq and Egypt to develop and share an assessment and devise potential exchange and mobility schemes.

A look back at the Journalism Conference in Tours

April 3, 2019

Around twenty journalists and students from Africa and the Arab World were invited by CFI to the 12th International Journalism Conference in Tours (France), from 13 to 15 March 2019, to cover the event, follow the debates and interact with the other participants.

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Call for tenders to support projects between journalism schools on both sides of the Mediterranean

April 18, 2019

As part of the Medialab Campus initiative, which falls under the scope of the French language and multilingualism plan, a call for projects has been launched to provide journalism schools in eight Mediterranean and European countries with an opportunity to learn how to understand each other and work together.

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2.Selection of partnership or exchange projects submitted by journalism schools

- Calls for projects and selection of proposals.
- Provision of support to selected initiatives.
- Allocation of internship grants to students from journalism schools wishing to undertake an internship abroad.

Are you a journalism student? Get funding for an internship in a foreign media outlet!

April 30, 2019

As part of the Medialab Campus initiative, a project aimed at enhancing and diversifying journalism on both sides of the Mediterranean, CFI is offering 15 internship grants to journalism students, both male and female, who wish to undertake an internship abroad in 2019.

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The 6 winners of the Medialab Campus project

May 23, 2019

A jury composed of representatives from CFI, MCD, France 24 and RFI has selected the six winning projects that will be set up in 2019 by schools of journalism on both sides of the Mediterranean.

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Meet the 15 students who have been awarded the Medialab Campus grant

June 26, 2019

Fifteen journalism students (10 female, 5 male) have been chosen to receive a grant. This will enable them to cover their travel, accommodation and food costs while they're taking part in a media placement abroad.

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3.Experience sharing and capitalisation around the projects carried out

- Creation of a monthly newsletter aimed at schools to highlight their initiatives and activities.
- Attendance of the Tunis Journalism Convention in November 2020 by participating schools.
- Promotion of awareness of European student and teacher mobility programmes (Erasmus)
- Updating of pages of the “24h in a newsroom” website in Arabic and provision to schools

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June 5, 2019

This monthly newsletter contains: information on how selected projects are progressing, feedback from students and interns about their experiences, information about the journalism schools on both sides of the Mediterranean.

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