YMER (Yemeni Media Emergency Response)


To improve the flow of humanitarian information intended for the population affected by the conflict in Yemen.
To facilitate networking between Yemeni journalists and the main NGOs in order to optimise the exchange of information and their collaboration on the ground.
To enhance the skills of Yemeni journalists so that they become an efficient and sustainable information relay between the NGOs and their beneficiaries with regard to the crisis situation.
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November 2017
October 2018
This project is finished


In the grip of civil war since March 2015, Yemen is now facing a serious humanitarian crisis: two thirds of the population are in need of aid, half of whom are in a state of extreme emergency.

The severely unstable security situation is restricting NGOs in the action they are able to take, and also forcing the Yemenis most in need of aid to isolate themselves in remote rural areas, thus cutting themselves off from information regarding the humanitarian aid that is available. This lack of information is exacerbated by the significant challenges that Yemeni media organisations as a whole face in achieving their objectives.
Between the repressive laws and abductions or threats, being a journalist in Yemen nowadays consists of having to hide – or even go into exile – in order to provide information, not to mention the technical difficulties in producing and broadcasting information.

In response to this emergency, CFI has undertaken to work alongside Yemeni journalists in order to facilitate the flow of humanitarian information. YMER (Yemeni Media Emergency Response) aims to strengthen the role of Yemeni journalism as an essential component in the communication and sharing of useful information between NGOs and the population, so as to increase the effectiveness of international aid, particularly French aid.
In the long term, this project aims to support Yemeni media organisations with regard to innovation and acquiring the knowledge that is vital in order to be able to process collaborative information for the population affected by the crisis.

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Project beneficiaries

- Around twenty Yemeni journalists, their media outlets and professional organisations.

- The local and international NGOs operating in Yemen with the most widespread and direct reach vis‑à‑vis the beneficiaries of their activities.

Project manager

1.Forum on the challenges of providing humanitarian information in Yemen

Assessment of the requirements, tools and methods for improving the flow of humanitarian information and making it easier for journalists to process that information, and development of a roadmap for future cooperation between journalists and NGOs.

Twenty-five Yemeni journalists meet to reflect on reporting humanitarian issues

November 30, 2017

With people in Yemen experiencing an unprecedented humanitarian crisis, 25 Yemeni journalists and NGO representatives met on 28, 29 and 30 November 2017 to reflect on the challenges faced when reporting on humanitarian issues.

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2.Initiatives for enhancing the skills of journalists on the basis of the requirements identified during the forum

Training sessions focussed on producing humanitarian information (basic journalism techniques and providing new tools), use of new forms of news media.

12 independent Yemeni journalists covering the peace talks in Stockholm

December 7, 2018

With the support of CFI, 12 Yemeni journalists are currently in Stockholm to cover the peace talks being held in Sweden under the aegis of the UN. The journalists attended a training course with CFI in Jordan last week.

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